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Mold Remediation Services in Wheaton-Glenmont, MD

What is mold remediation, and more importantly, do you need it? Mold remediation is the elimination of mold from a property. It is the best thing you can do to maintain air quality inside the house.

Many people confuse mold inspection and remediation, but the difference should be clear. The former involves examining your property for the presence of mold. It is all about collecting samples, testing in the laboratory, and writing a report. On the other hand, mold remediation follows inspection and testing to remove mold from a property.

Why Do I Need Professional Mold Remediation Services?

Many benefits come with professional mold cleaning services. As we all know, mold doesn't usually grow in dry, open areas with a lot of ventilation. They are also invisible unless the colony has become big enough to cause discoloration of surfaces.

Mold remediation is a risky process to undertake without taking the correct precautions, especially for those having underlying medical conditions. Also, it is challenging to confine mold in one room to prevent its spread. Fortunately, a professional mold cleaner knows how to go about it.

Here is what you get with our professional mold removal services:

  • Proper mold treatment to ensure complete elimination.
  • Professional advice on how to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Professional mold cleaning services that are efficient and cost-effective.
  • The confidence that you will prevent mold spread and related health problems.
  • Use of eco-friendly mold remediation chemicals, for your safety.

How Does Professional Mold Remediation Work?

The mold remediation process is straightforward for experts but can be challenging to a property owner. The difference is the expertise and knowledge that mold remediation specialists have, not to mention equipment and supplies. So, if a mold inspection confirms that your property is infested, hire professionals instead of facing it head-on.

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!
Call Now To Schedule! 301-761-1651
Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

Mold remediation specialists follow a standard procedure to get rid of mold from your property. The process involves the following:

Planning Of Mold Remediation Steps

Part of the planning is assessing the damage and identifying spots with mold. These include walls, carpets, ceilings, the basement, attics, and other damp areas. Once done, the experts prepare the needed tools and equipment and put on protective gear.

Planning may also involve evacuating the building. If it is your office, mold remediation is often scheduled on weekends or during holidays.

Working Area Set-Up

With everything ready, mold professionals seal the affected rooms to limit mold spread. It is challenging to do the same outdoors, but experts know how to handle it.

Removal Of Unrecoverable Materials

Mold can hide under carpets, between books, under the paint coat, or in the attic. When it has taken over a porous material, like sheetrock, it is impossible to guarantee that all the mold can be cleaned out, so we remove the sections of material that can't be cleaned so they can be replaced fresh. This step exposes the mold to a chemical treatment that ensures complete elimination.

Getting Rid of the Mold

Mold remediation specialists use eco-friendly mold remediation chemicals to get rid of mold on surfaces and in the air. It may also involve scrubbing, but the chemical treatment should be enough to destroy them.

Final Clean-Up

The last step is the final clean-up. The sealed rooms are opened, and all materials are safely removed from the property. It ensures your home or office is ready and safe for reoccupation.

Hiring Professional Mold Specialists

How do you know you need mold remediation services? A mold inspection report may confirm mold's presence on your property. So, you need to get rid of them.

Alternatively, you can read the signs associated with mold. These include nasal and sinus congestion, throat irritation, sneezing, coughing, a musty smell, or other respiratory problems. Call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Wheaton at 301-761-1651, and our specialists will be more than happy to help you.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning of Wheaton offers professional mold remediation services in Wheaton-Glenmont, MD, and nearby areas. Reach out for timely response and reliable services to eliminate mold from your property at the most competitive price.

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Extra Services
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